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Surrender Now

The funny thing is that surrender makes us win. The mind gets surrendered. The identity gets surrendered. All the ideas we have of what is right and wrong. The teachings are surrendered. And what is left? Its very frightening, right? We feel we will lose everything. Our traditions. Our family. But no, thats not what happens. What happens in surrendering everything that can be surrendered, is that there is a light that is eternal. That light is allowed to shine. The beautiful light of being. Our experience never goes away. As long as you are, you are love. If you can read this you are love. If you have been born you are love. The infinite flows through you. Love is the interconnection of all particles. The bliss everything feels for its own existence. It can never go away. But all those other things can seem so very important. And when we let them go, we can just be love again. The patient light of love will wait. Lifetimes if need be. For your true essence to emerge and shine. Now is the time to surrender. Love is here. Now.

Española NM, (2/21/14)

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