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Entering the Aquarian Age

The door is now open to the Aquarian Age - when truth is in the driver’s seat, and external show of status takes a back seat. For so long humanity has been mesmerized by status rather than character. People have endeavored to create an impression. They have worked under the paradigm of one person’s gain relative to another person’s loss.

That paradigm is what we call the Piscean age. But the times have shifted, and those of us on planet earth now are the beginning of a new wave. We are out of the piscean age and into the cusp period of the Aquarian age. We are here to observe with our neutral mind. In the Piscean age people observed others and followed others that had created an impression. In the Aquarian age we are here to observe our own consciousness, and then to follow it religiously.

We are here to live life as our personal consciousness dictates. Live it with our word, footsteps and actions. Our mind, body and soul working together as our own identity.

In the Aquarian age loving awareness becomes the lead force. Compassion and kindness are the methods. People are saying no to the aspects that do not fit with their morals. They are saying yes to the internal identy that lives within them. There is no hiding who we are any more.

This is not about religion. The religions are external guides. They are ways to interconnect and worship the divine in a group setting. In the Aquarian Age the group is those who's dharma is to follow their inner guide. To develop the ability for intuition rather the ability to impress others.

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