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Faith in the Wisdom of Your Heart

Can you please trust that the way God comes to you is in fact God coming to you? I do not believe in a deceitful God playing tricks on his children. I believe in a God that is love flowing through our consciousness like the wind through an open weaving. All we have to do is drop our opacities, shed the clothing that restricts and binds, and simply open our tenth gate to the wisdom that is available in this new age. Then we can be the wondrous potential we have the capacity be. In my experience, the way to that opening is sacred sound. The word. Raam Naam. The name of God.The vibration of the highest frequency that we know how to infuse a sound with. Raam Naam is the miracle for opening and for clearing. Its the gate opener. So you can be love. So we can connect in love. I don't know that its the only way. Some people are spontaneous. But I can tell you that every time in my life I have felt off course that sacred sound re-connects me with depth and vastness, so I can remember who I am. One light, One love. Just like you.

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