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This-ism and that-ism, are not always soul-ism or love-ism. At the end of the day I am fine with whatever group you wish to stand with and sit together in. Worshiping together with others, resonating at the same spiritual frequency is incredibly powerful, and one of the highlights of human experience. But isms almost all go wonky at some point. They become what the rules are about. They become an external preacher/guide/teacher telling you how to behave, rather than telling you how to access the truth that resonates in your spine, in your heart, and in your consciousness. Dialing direct worries the Dickens out of the old systems. They will tell you its all wrong and dangerous. Because the chief rule followers become the next in charge. Here is the thing - one has to practice getting clear. Do the work. That is the discipline. Meditate. Discover your inner silence. Find the love that is universal and flowing through you. That is the yoga. You can be as clear as anyone. You can vibrate with Jesus, Mohammad, Nanak, Buddha, or whomever incarnation that resonates with your soul this lifetime. Divine wisdom is not something separate from you. I will not tell you how to behave. I just hope to share what I have learned, a few techniques to clean and be clear. Its like that spray on the windshield. I am telling you all about windshield cleaning. The windshield gets pretty dirty without it. Imagine if you never washed your windshield. But if you press that little button in your car, wow... the wipers go and the spray sprays, and suddenly you can see clearly. Yes you need some special fluid in that reservoir. Yes you need to know where the button is. But If you do that every day, press the button, polish the lens, clear the debris, and see, and see God within, then seeing God within, you see love everywhere. That's not an ism. That's universal. It works for every ism and every non-ism. That is human potential to know and access truth. And that's yoga

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