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The perfect image of the divine is you

We were made as the perfect form to evolve into the perfection of. Do we recognize the miracle of us? Our fingerprints and our breath? The way we stand? And the sound we can make as we laugh? Our smiles? This is not selfish. Its recognizing that we were created as one of a kind just perfectly for who we are. By the worship of one's own perfection then one also worships the infinite perfection that made us. Start with this amazing being you call your "self". Feel your "self" meditating on you. And its living as an action - a verb. We are not a static things. Thank goodness! We are living and breathing and striving into this everyday, being born again and again, filling out this form in the most amazing way. But we will change before tomorrow. We keep that perfection fresh and alive and sparkling with prana. We are on a delightful path. Stay open to new discoveries, new feelings, and new awareness, and the willingness to shift, step by step. As we are living more fully into our own image is moving into God's image as well. With love, Dharm Khalsa

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