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Its time for the Winter, and like the trees, bringing energy to our roots. I will be home at the Espanola Mother Ashram through much of December and January, focussing on my practice, cleaning my inner channels, with the intention of reaching deeper into true selfhood. There is always more, and our evolution is infinite. There are no plateaus. Plateaus are dangerous resting places on a spiritual journey of clarity. External balances internal. The projection and expression that flows through our Aura and into our lives, has to come from depth of Spirit, and the depth of Spirit comes from a very quiet, clear inner place that can only be found from deepening our practice.

When we touch the core of concentrated pranic light that shines through us, then we have the potential to manifest that as a loving radiance into all aspects of our lives. Much of the work is clearing away emotional debris and rigid blocks that prevent that prana from flowing into new growth. We restrict our spiritual evolution by fear of the unknown. Instead the call of the universe is to trust.

The outer dimension is a projection of the inner frequency. The recipe involves holding to the highest frequency of love, dissolving blocks and insecurities, trusting our inner light, and remembering that we are as magnificent divine beings. This work helps channel the inner flow into our roots and to feel the grace that sustains us.

For these next two months, I am diving in!

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