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In my family, as in much of Scandinavia, roasted duck was often part of Christmas festivities. I came to the realization at one point in my life, however, that for me to enjoy the eating of a duck required a kind of divorce of my heart from what is on my plate, its life and it purpose. They became two different things - the duck that flies and, as in this video, has obvious enjoyment of life, and the duck that is on my plate. Their separation from each other was a fictitious story that I had to cling to in order to rationalize eating the duck. What I found was that I was absolutely fine not eating duck, or any other animals. My family understood, and I felt better, and was much happier, and I no longer had to buy into the fiction of the two ducks. This created clarity in a way that is hard to describe, but is quite apparent. This is why I no longer eat meat... since about 1978. Anyway, please check out this video, because to me it shows how spirit flows through all of us. This is Spirit expressed as duck.

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