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Hygge - have you heard this word? It is the Danish version of how to stay comfy, cozy, snuggly and warm all year... and is now the latest buzzword in healthy and happy living. This was our home last night, dinnertime, with serious hygge. Hygge is not expensive, in fact there is no way to buy it. Some of my most "hyggelig" memories are three generations sitting around this table making ornaments for the yuletree. This year we hung ornaments some that I have had for 50 years, made from straw and paper, some made by my mother and some by my dear uncle Paul. Denmark is a little country with big time hygge, and a style that understands the healing effect of design on our psyche - it especially adores natural materials and the excellence of hand work. I love it that its leaking out into the hearts of many... a little bit of hygge to you these days... from my heart to yours.

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