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“Har” is a simple, powerful ancient mantra that dates back thousands of years. It is a universal, non denominational name for the infinite nature of the universe, aka God. It is pronounced “Hudh”, so that the tip of your tongue lightly touches the roof of your mouth to finish the syllable. That delicate repeating touch on the upper palate is the key. It stimulates the meridians that affect the midbrain. The sound arises from the abdomen and travels upwards through your spine to activate the third eye, the sashara at the top of your head, and resonates into the aura, the energy field that surrounds you, as a clearing and a blessing.


In this meditation technique, the sound is projected and “heard” silently, creating a subtle energetic pathway to the infinite. In the ancient texts the sages describe the anahat, the unstruck sound. Anahat is the effect of sound - the shift it makes - as opposed to the actual sound in physical matter. 

You can practice using the mantra “Har” at any time, silently or out loud during your day. 




1. Sit in a quiet place with your spine straight, head tall and shoulders relaxed. Bring your awareness the flow of your breath and the presence of grace within you.

2. Press your palms together in front of your chest, and “tune in” by chanting “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” 3 or more times.​


1. Extend your left arm out to your side and upward at a 45 degree angle, keeping your elbow straight. Touch the tip of your left index finger to the tip of your thumb with the other three fingers straight, like gyan mudra with palm facing up, with fingers pointing towards the sky in line with your arm. As you stretch your arm I invite you to feel a line of energy extending from your heart through your shoulder, arm, and past your fingertips.


2. Bend your right elbow, bringing your right hand as close as you can to the side of your right shoulder with your palm facing forward. Touch the tip of your ring finger and thumb together, as in gyan mudra, keeping the other fingers straight and pointing upwards, and palm facing forward. I invite you to feel the receptive sensitivity through the area the ring finger would be and the connection of that subtle field with your heart energy. 



3. Inhale fully and hold your breath in, feeling the prana that the breath brings to your body and to your awareness. Hold it for enough time to really sense the energy of your breath.


4. Exhale fully and hold your breath out.


5. With your breath held out, pull in on your navel 8 times as you silently vibrate the sound of the mantra, “Har” 8 times. Coordinate each pull on the navel with one inner resonance of “Har”, so that you silently vibrate “Har” 8 times on each exhalation.



6. Continue the breath and mantra for at least 3 minutes, preferably 11 minutes or longer. 




7. Inhale deeply, hold your breath and focus at your third eye point while maintaining the original position. When you feel ready, exhale, then inhale again.


Continue this full breath 3 more times, then breathe normally, bring your hands down to your knees, and sit within your shifted energy field for some time before moving about.

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